How do we enter?

How do we enter the International CSR Excellence Awards?

You can submit an entry that highlights one particular CSR project; or you can submit more than one entry – each one covering different aspects of your CSR activity. Or you can submit one entry that covers your entire CSR policy and achievements. Or you can submit the same entry in more than one appropriate category.

The choice is yours. There is no limit to the number of entries, nor to how many trophies you can win.

For each paper, simply write up to 300 words to summarise your entry; and you then have another 2,000 words to provide the details, outcomes and results.

Please note : It is not possible to save the online entry form in progress. For this reason we advise that you create your entry as a separate document and then cut and paste into the form. We recommend Microsoft Word. If you do encounter any difficulties in submitting your entry online, please send to info@csrawards.co.uk

Our judges will seek documentation to substantiate any claims made, and you can add up to six A4 pages of evidence – testimonials, results, graphs, photographs, etc.

• You can enter online using our online entry form
• by email to info@csrawards.co.uk
• or you can send a postal entry to

International CSR Excellence Awards
Coastguard Cottage
Hobhole Bank
Boston PE22 0RB

Please cover the following aspects of your project, as these will form the basis of assessment by the judges

• What did the project involve doing?
• Why did you do it?
• What did it cost?
• If quantifiable, what did the project achieve in terms of sustainable development, economy, environment and/or equity?
• Who and what benefited?
• Longer term benefits?
• Was there anything innovative about the project?
• Can other organisations/communities benefit from implementing your methods?
• What did you learn from the project and are you planning any further development?