Become a CSR World Leader


As International CSR Excellence Award Winner you have a unique opportunity to help others to improve their corporate and social responsibility programs and join us as a CSR WORLD LEADER

You can also earn a further 12 months of recognition and publicity if you accept our invitation to take your
achievement to this next level.

 You qualify as a CSR World Leader if you choose to share your award-winning expertise with people all over the
UK and around the world – by having your Award-winning paper featured in
– the world’s only annual work of reference on CSR best practice -distributed free of charge to thousands of
corporate decision-makers, media, Governments, local authorities, reference libraries, universities,

As a CSR World Leader you will be invited to another prestigious ceremony at the
HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT in November 2013 to be presented with a coveted
CSR World Leader plaque, personalised in your organisation’s name as a tribute
to your success as a company that cares.
– the ultimate accolade for making a positive contribution in corporate social responsibility.

If you participate in this initiative, you will become a CSR WORLD LEADER


You will also be given:

• Up to SIX A4 PAGES in The Global Guide to CSR Best Practice, devoted to your award-winning paper, complete
with company logo, one or more colour photos – published and distributed on CD and on our website for 12 months

• TWO full-page full-colour advertisements: one on the CD and one on the website.

• Your contact details and a summary of the paper will also be printed on the Index pages, with an automatic
click-through to your website

• TEN copies of The Global Guide to CSR Best Practice CD for your own reference or promotional use.

• An additional FREE ticket for the CSR Awards prizegiving ceremony: including food & drink

• A photopack of your CSR trophy presentation (one digital image and four 6 x 4 prints)

• You will be authorised to use the distinctive CSR World Leader logo for marketing and promotional purposes
on letterheads, literature, livery, etc. -as well as the CSR Excellence Award logo

• A personalised press release.

• Free ticket for the House of Commons presentation ceremony: inc. food & drink
• Presentation of your CSR World Leader award
• Presentation of your CSR World Leader Certificate of Achievement (This will be an impressive super-size A3 document)
• A photopack of your House of Commons presentation (one digital and four prints)
• Personalised citation news release re. your CSR World Leader status.
• Priority VIP status for any additional tickets required at both ceremonies
• Two trees will be planted in recognition of your double achievement.