A fantastic day at the IIC future of CSR Event

Thanks to Philip Webb (TAM) for the invitation to speak at the Investors In Community Ltd Future of Social Responsibility event last week.

Listening to Lizzy Hawkins, Justin Urquhart Stewart, Cal Bailey and Laura Good and team, there was no doubt that social responsibility will play an increasingly important role for the future of business.

It is not just the clear benefits to business reputation, staff engagement & retention, future investment and tendering etc, but the impact of social good in society. It is also clear that businesses need to focus on delivering sustainable value and purpose to remain an employer of choice – It is about lining up values with those of the next generation.

There is a ‘C’ change coming for CSR, one that makes the C more inclusive to include all organisations. And a new definition and standard for CSR that shows evidenced impact and true social value against the CSR four pillars of environment, workplace, community and charity.

The IIC digital platform provides the perfect environment to donate, vounteer & gift to charity and community initiatives. it gives you the power to measure and report your CSR activities and delivers social impact that provides the evidence required to achieve a national CSR Accreditation.