A ‘C’ change for CSR – Challenging the ‘C’ in CSR

A ‘C’ change for CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility was first coined in 1953 by American economist Howard Bowen. CSR has since become an essential strategy for many organisations. It is a concept with many definitions and practices which represent the evidenced impact of doing good, delivering purpose and a having a positive impact on society. Something all organisations can be part of.

CSR-A believe that we should adhere to the letters CSR but redefine the meaning. The ‘C’ needs to be more inclusive. No longer should CSR be just for the corporates. We have challenged the ‘C’ in CSR because it excludes a large number of stakeholders, specifically the third and public sectors and because ‘corporate’ does not encompass sole traders or smaller SME’s.

We recommend that the ‘C’ has a wider focus.

• Corporate Social Responsibility (Private Sector)
• Company Social Responsibility (Private Sector)
• Community Social Responsibility (Public Sector)
• Charitable Social Responsibility (Third Sector)
• Consumer Social Responsibility (Products/Services)
• Citizen Social Responsibility (Training/Awareness)

Collective Social Responsibility (All of us) We can then surround these meanings with a Caring, Cohesive approach Common to the wider Collective.

A ‘C’ change

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