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Win an International Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award.

Winners will be invited to a prestigious ceremony to be presented with their trophies at a top venue. Responsible, caring companies are in a privileged position to be able to help those who depend on them for their livelihoods, and others less fortunate. They can be a realistic force for good. We want to recognise and reward their efforts in this direction. Buy Soma From Mexico Online

Soma Dresses Online - Soma 350 Mg Generic

The closing date for free entries is March 31. Additional and late entries are accepted until May 31 on payment of the appropriate fees. There are THREE chances of success for each entry. Each category has a Gold, Silver and Bronze award – plus an overall winner. All winners are invited to a prestigious awards ceremony, including food and drinks in the Summer. Buy Soma From Mexico Online

Any organisation that has an effective CSR policy can enter. Don’t delay, fill in the entry form Now!

Free entries close on March 31 every year. Last Minute Entries accepted up to April 30 every year. Late Entries are accepted up to May 31 every year. Judges notifications will be made in June/ July every year. If you are a company that cares, send your entry NOW! Buy Soma From Mexico Online

CSR World Leaders

Our annual publication comprises winning papers from the International CSR Excellence Awards, providing excellent examples of best practice in CSR. The case histories are supplied by winners who decided to take their CSR commitment to the next level, by allowing us to publish their information so that others can learn and follow the lead of our CSR World Leaders.
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Buy Soma Codeine


Sponsorship Packages begin at £2,500 per category and carry many benefits such as complimentary tickets to the awards event and reception, your company’s presence on the CSR Awards website and inclusion of your marketing materials in all of the delegate bags. Buy Soma 350


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We are delighted to announce Bartercard...

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The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art...

Carisoprodol Usp 350Mg

  Show you are an Accredited CSR...

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